Ramblings of the Mad Musician

Stagnation and depression

Date: 8/13/2021

Let's be emotional here for just a second and acknowledge that there are factors within ourselves that can be often outside of our control. We enjoy giving them names, categorizing them, obsessing over fixing them, etc. However, I always wonder, am I really all that broken? Does a tree wonder how much oxygen it puts out as it produces it? Does a bird think about the song that it sings as it sings it? How about plants? The fruit they produce -- are they intentionally trying to bear fruit? Are they worried if they underproduce? These questions seem meaningless, trivial, if taken a step back and simply glanced over, however, I believe within them, lies the answers to all our questions.

Content, or fruit, that is pushed out too soon, will be underipened. If a plant is in an environment that is not suitable to its needs, then it is simply bound to not grow, not thrive, not be fruitful. Are we not simply complicated houseplants with emotions? I fight and I struggle with these emotions on a daily basis, but I always wrap around and ask myself: Why?

Do trees really get upset if they fall on each other? The observational reality surely, is great, but what about the unobserved? What about stupid meaningless questions that ramble on for paragraphs? Do they even deserve merit? My questions are my answers, and my answers are my questions. The inside-out'ness of my philosophy of life is constantly topsy-turvy'ing on itself, and compressing, spiraling, into this all-encompassing world-view that damn near eats me alive on a daily basis. And here I am sitting here, wondering, fretting, and concerning myself over the ability to "write" music, when I have already written, played, and participated in more than most folks will in a lifetime.

Heavens forbid it take days, months, weeks, or even years, to be comfortable sitting down to practice. To compose. To play. Why do I pretend that these are things I should have down yet? Even despite having over 10,000 hours worth of almost any of the above. I still question, I still hesitate, I still procrastinate, and I find myself still fallaciously human. Now, I am thankful for that. And try to spend my time in such a quality that is at least representative of that, at least, some of the time.

Fear of rejection is real. Advertising a product, project, or anything that you've created, to the market, and it being flung back in your face is simply no fun. I'm sitting here concerned that I'll start advertising lessons and not get students. Or possibly be inconsistent for my students. Or somehow not have enough experience, technical ability, or anything else along those lines to help them. Now I am constantly fearing and being afraid of simply being rejected. For who I am as a person, ever before the type of things I enjoy, get into trouble for, etc.

It's everybodys own personal hill to stand on, that fear. And nothing except an individual choice will be capable of even attempting to deal with that fear. Hell, even when the choice is made, there will still be an issue on whether or not I'm capable of dealing with the fear. I'm only human after all. At the end of the day, I simply try to enjoy my present moment. If despite where I'm at, despite what I'm doing, I can still find joy, love, and bliss -- then I'll simply take it one breath at a time. Emotions, relationships, feelings, all these things, pass with time. And if I can simply keep pushing forward, keep moving, eventually, I'll find a balance through that motion.

Something something search engine optimization, jazz, saxophone, lessons, content, music, keywords, advertisements, and all this extra bologna. Thanks for tuning in

Marty McGlovin

It Takes time to create content

Date: 3/21/2021

Everybody thinks content happens overnight. And sometimes, it does! However, the vast majority of the time, it does not. It takes days, weeks, and sometimes even months to create content that is actually quality. Of course, depending on what you're doing, you might get the job done in an hour. It may even be good quality! However, for the bigger tasks, the large-loads, the impossible dreams... They take time. They don't happen overnight. And most times, it will literally take years and unrecognized struggle and effort to produce good content. And that's okay! That's what makes it worthwhile, unique, special.

This site has to change, has to adapt, has to grow. In as much as I've always wanted to teach music, I always will! Technology of all sorts is something I've been aquainted with for years. Half the battle is just letting people know, that I know; how to help, that is! I don't know how to advertise myself, how to take those steps and say: "Hey! Here I am! Let me help!" Especially in areas that I may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. I'm growing not only into music, technology, but now also art. Non-Fungible Tokens are the future of essentially copyright and ownership. Whether you agree or not, is moderately irrelevant to the reality we're experiencing now. Literally millions upon millions of dollars are being spent on NFT's as we speak. This is the reality. And it's weird.

I'm starting to produce NFT's for this AWESOME Binance-Smart-Chain contract called SPACE!


Check it out, look at their NFT gallery, and take a brief look at the future. In tandem with creating unique-styled NFT's, I'll be pairing music with it as well. It's going to be flat-out awesome. I'm thinking 80s style synthwave has just been my lifeline these past few years. It only makes sense to do some themed content! Anyway, without spoiling my entire business model and plan, I'm super excited for this future. My SEO site has quite literally doubled me in pay, and I often make about 3cents per word written these days. Wild stuff.

Like I said prior. One day at a time. Content does not get created overnight, however, this is the process. Taking it one little step at a time will allow you to get closer to your goals. Music creation, music lessons, NFT's, audio production, even live-streaming and more; these will be my platforms. My audience will grow, slowly, but surely, over time. Eventually, I plan to create my own line of NFTs and music to go with them for my own brand... Anyway. Watch and let's see how this grows.


Marty McGlovin

The First of Few

Date: Circa 2020

It's always a difficult task to start new things. Even more so after you have started this thing, half-a-dozen times. But that's okay. Failure is not failing, it's refusing to try again. So here we are, trying again.

Search engine optimization content is an interesting concept. As a musician, I'll be lucky to make any money this year. COVID 2020 has literally wiped the floor with any live-performing musician, band, and most venues. That's the reality of where we're at right now. However, musicians are hardy folks. Search engine optimization is essentially how many keywords I have on my website, in relation to, how many other websites have these same keywords. Over the course of time, if I create enough blog-posts, about music, lessons, saxophone, guitars, pianos, and any other instrument I can think of, it'll attract attention.

Search engine optimization? Oh, that's right. I write for that on other websites and it's wild. I make about a penny and a half per word... So good thing I'm paying myself for this website right?! Hahahaha... Funny thoughts. That's what you'll find here. Rantings and ravings of a musician who has gone mad. Someone who has to figure out a way of living at any cost at this point, to support himself, his family, and their future. Something something dramatic music. But now, I am not afraid to to what it takes to take care of my family and my future. Now I am not afraid to do what it takes, to put myself out there, to fail again and again, to hopefully one day figure out a way that works with our schedule, and our lives. It'll happen. It's just a matter of time. And effort. And a lot of coffee. Thanks for tuning in. The website will grow, with time. Watch and wait! Marty